Saturday 30 November 2013

Short Round Finished... Sort Of...

Well I have taken this mini as far as I can atm. I did try painting the New York Giants logo onto the cap, but it ended up looking more like an Yves Saint Laurent glyph, so I gave it up and painted it over.

Also, the pin stripes on the cap are not quite rigt; there should be more, and they should not emerge symetrically from the center.

But, Shorty is a Yankees fan, I hear you yell.... Well, yes, but his cap sports the Giants logo. If you don't believe me, scroll further down, and the evidence will be presented ;o)

To me, he looks ready to punch someone...

And, if a hard-boiled, two-fisted stance is not enough, theres always the slingshot.....

 I have learned one thing from painting theis min: Never EVER paint the base before anything else! The grease on my fingers seem to make the brown paint rub off and get on the painted parts, and you can see that i had to repaint the sleeves - and re verse layering never results in guite the same shades as originally.

Well, it'll have to do for now. Maybe if he suffers some battle damage, I'll go over the entire shirt, but ONLY maybe...

As promised, som caps to look at:

Roger Breshanan's 19?? cap

Short Round's cap

Yankees 1921 Replica

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