Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Short Round WIP - Part 3

I managed to get around to doing his trousers today:

Layer 2: Codex Grey
Layer 3: Codex Grey with white added
Layer 4: Codex Grey with even more  white added.

I think the contrast between Codex Grey (the deep shadows) and layer 3 is a bit too much; I think I'll mix a shade in between next time I 'm doing grey.

Shoes are basecoated Ushabti Bone, which seem awfully yellowish, but I hope I can work it up to a non-greyish white to look a bit like the sneakers he's wearing in Temple of Doom.

I overdid the painting on of folds a bit; I have a tendency to make the darker areas too narrow, leaving too little space for the lighter shades. It's a matter of practice, I guess...

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