Monday, 25 November 2013

Short Round to the Rescue!

I finally started painting this Bob Murch sculpt today (in between cleaning zombies, going to the physiotherapist, and the dentist, paying a bill, and ordering SAGA dice, and some X-Wing ships):

The sculpt is not accurate depiction of Short Round (Temple of Doom), as he is wearing a black/charcoal jacket and a buttoned shirt, but I think it will fit the bill nicely enough with the right paint splashed on.

Short Round WIP #1
We were missing a 'Clever Child' for our first game of Pulp Alley. and I have decided, that everytime I fall short on extras for the game, I'll paint examples of the missing pieces before the next time we play.

Black primer, and some leftover old GW Bestial Brown on the base.

Skin was painted with the Foundry Oriental Flesh triad + a 1 to 2 mix of Oriental Flesh Light and White for the final highlights.

Shirt has been given a base coat of Warzone Trench Brown, and it's going to be worked up to a light khaki.

The trousers will be either a mid grey, or a pale beige - I cannot quite decide from the film footage.

I have forgotten to check the colour of the shoes - that must be a project for in between painting, cutting up trees downed by the storm a couple of weeks ago, and cutting down some other trees in danger of falling, cleaning zombies, and getting my first brew of mead siphoned into a new container.

More tomorrow, I hope...

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