Sunday, 10 November 2013

More Hooded Minions!

I finished rebasing these two culprits from slottas to steel washers yesterday:

They were painted some years ago, but only rebased just now - and with these, all my painted minions are now ready to join a new Pulp Alley League, as soon as I get the Pulp Figures Crimson Scorpion painted in matching colours!

 The next Pulp Figure I'm going to paint is Short Round of Temple of Doom fame; Bob Murch does a nice mini that is not dressed exactly as Short Round in the film, but he is close enough to use as such.

When we played our first Pulp Alley game, we needed a 'clever child' for one of the Plot Points, and I think it's fair to say that Short Round fits the bill for that!

I have nor morepainted  minis to rebase right now, but I'm sure I'll stumble on more over the next months....

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