Thursday, 14 November 2013

Another Renaissance-ish Mini...

My 3rd Empire Spearman for PSZ:WAZ (and for the Medieval Painting Order at the LAF) has been finished today.

I have made some observations regarding painting these 'slashed' garments:

If I paint the main colours first. I rub off highlights from the dark (red in this example) colours, and get paint residue and other dirt(?) on the light (white parts) in the process of twisting and turning the mini to get all the details done, so:

Unless you use  some tool to hold the mini by the base while painting it, paint all the little detail first, then the darkest parts of the main areas, and finally the lightest parts of the main areas.

That way you handle the mini as little as possible after painting the slashed fabric, thus minimizing the risk of doing handling damage.

If you use a cork or clasp to hold the mini, don't bother

As you can see, this guy does not trust his companions, and has opted for a full cuirass instead of a mere breast plate solution. Only fitting for a survivor in a zombie game, I think... ;o)

With some dwarves and elves I already have used for Song of Blades and Heroes, I now have plenty of survivors for the first couple of games of PSZ, so I'll turn my attention to the zombies for a while (but also have to paint a few Pulp Figures).

I don't have many models sporting guns, but I don't think that PSZ is an obvious choice for hard-core wysiwyg-ing, as the survivor models are mainly there to represent the players, and I intend to (mainly) have each player play one survivor (experienced players may ptobably gain followers over time, but initially it will be one man, one character).

The 30-40 zombies will be given a very sloppy paintjob, probably in batches of 10:

- Black primer
- Army Painter Skeleton Bone or Necrotic Flesh sprayed from above
- A dark wash (probably Devlan Mud,while supplies last - then a substitute)
- Another light spray from above
- Details picked out
- Bases finished

When I have a neat horde, I'll decide whether to continue down the fast lane, or if I'll start painting some individually.

To supplement the zombies, I intend to rebase and 'touch up' some old Citadel plastic skellies - after all, it's a fantasy post-apoc setting, so the magic that animates the fresh corpses can also be responsible for this Dance Macabre.

If everything goes according to plan, I may be able to get a small game running during my Chrismas Vacation. But it never does. Besides that, winter is coming, making it difficult to spray minis, as I don't have a well ventilated, non-residential, heated room to do so. I do have an old, working, kitchen ventilator I intend to use for a 'spray box', and it may be about time that I get that project on tracks...

Worst case scenario, I should have enough undead for a game at the end of February, or so...

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