Thursday, 14 November 2013

A New... Photo Set-up.

Failing to find some bulbs powerful enough to light through the sandwich-paper on my light diffusion box, I have stripped the box down to make a permanent 'stage' for miniature photography:

A lonely zombie catches the spotlight.
This can't be good...
The camera is normally placed on its tripod in front of the shoe-box, to which I have taped a sheet of A3 very light grayish blue sheet of heavy paper in a way that makes it curve away behind the object(s) to be captured by the camera. I could have used my other camera to capture it, but I got lazy...

The 3 lamps are bought in Ikea, have flexible arms, and the lampshades can be rotated around the bulp to easily obtain any angle. Sadly, I don't remember the model name.

I use 15W (maximum for these lamps), 805 Lumen, milky bulbs.

The camera is a fairly cheap Canon PowerShot A560 with a €10 generic tripod.

Settings are Indoor, with Macro On, Flash Off, and a 2 Sec Delay.

Furthermore, I use Face Recognition, which enables focus on the mini instead of protruding arms/-weapons (provided the face is well enough painted, of course).

DON'T use Auto setting with artificial lights - you'll get blurred or yellowish pictures 9 out of 10 times (at least I do).

With this set-up, I get really good results almost every time - except for when I forget to check if the focus has captured the right part of the mini.

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