Sunday, 1 December 2013

Argonor's Attic Attack

I am planning to start inviting fellow gamers for a gaming weekend once a year; hopefully next summer will see the first occurrence of this practice.

Over my garage I have 80 sq.m. of space that I intend to turn into a gamer's man cave over time.

This is how it looks like at this very moment, seen from just above the entrance.

My father passed away in June last year, and we had to clear his house to put it up for sale, which is why this project stalled - and the room is packed with furniture.

This is a view from the other end towards the sole 'real' window.
The tarpaulins are covering some tables with stuff on them.
As you may be able to discern, I managed to get some of the very old (and in some cases, very rotten) floor planks covered (no, I removed the rotten ones, first!) with some 15 mm boards usually used for the underside of roofs, but I never finished the task, as have been struggling with an excess of stuff to sort and decide about ever since.

Now, finally, it seems that we are getting to the bottom of the piles of cardboard boxes that has been sitting in our living room for quite some time, and I can turm my attention to this task as soon as the Christmas vacation starts (until then, I still have some storm-damages to attend to outside - and we may have another storm coming this Thursday!).
Here's the next batch of floor boards!
I am planning the Attic Attack to be an easy-going come-as-you-are weekend, where attendees coming from afar can either camp in our very large garden (or in the case of the lucky few, sleep in my camping trailer or in our living room), or get rooms in Svendborg or Odense.

Beverages will be at the premises, and a toaster should be present for snacks, while meals must consist of sandwiches and/or fast-food from the local diner.

I shall provide gaming tables/boards, and minis for several games, but as I cannot be present everywhere, I'll expect attendees to be willing to make a little effort running some games by themselves (normally, plenty of people at conventions know enough of the rules to stand in for the presenter, anyway).

Guests can also bring games they want to attract attention to, and I expect to see at least 10-15 fellow gamers at the first Attic Attack, as I shall beging to 'advertise' right away.

A view from the front left corner
And from the front right corner... I shall add lamps at every second rafter.
The only access point to the garage attic.
This won't change much, I'm affraid.
I hope to see some of the guys from Horisont - and maybe, if I'm very lucky, some gamers from Germany and/or Great Britain.

I cannot pinpoint an exact date for the event, yet, as there's a lot of work to do before the room can accomodate a bunch of gamers, but I hopde to do it in April, May, or August, the latter being the most likely.

I should be able to finish the floor in about 2-4 weekends, but I also have to get all the furniture organized in as practical a way as possible, and I have to sort out which games I can present with sufficient painted minis and terrain.

Entrance seen from ground level.
There's quite a stretch to be covered, but I'm confident that I'll get there (even if i try to participate in each and every painting club at the LAF, too... ;o)  )


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