Monday, 25 November 2013

Elevated Pain(t) Station

I have been having trouble with my lower back, lately, and my physiotherapist wants me to sit as little as possible (and especially NOT sit with my back bent).

So, to facilitate painting without stooping over the miniatures, I have constructed this Pain(t) Station Elevation out of chipboard, angle brackets, and screws:

The thing works wonders for my posture, and i doubles(!) the space available at the pain(t) station.

Here with lamps lit. The blue one at the right had to be repositioned, and is now placed in the front right cxorner of the station (where the ancient Citadel and Marauder knights are battling for the next free slot in the paint queue).

I paint at the left half of the station (out of necessity - the desk lamp at the top can't reach any further XD )

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