Tuesday 26 November 2013

Short Round WIP - Part 2

Ever so slowly, but coming along nicely....
I got my chainsaw to run today, so I haven't spent much time at the painting table, but I managed some progress, anyway.

On top of the Warzone Trench Brown on the shirt I added a layer of Vallejo Khaki Grey, then painted folds with old GW Kommando Khaki, highlighted with a mix of Kommando Khaki and White.

I had to fiddle around to even out the contrast between Khaki Grey and Kommando Khaki, so I have made a mix of those to use as an intermediate layer for the next time I need this series of colours.

I just watched a few minutes of Temple of Doom, and it seems that the trousers should be a mid/light grey, so I've given them a base coat of old GW Codex Grey with a little black mixed in. Next layer will be Codex Grey, then Codex Grey with some white added for top layer and highlights.

I need to sit down and watch that film, so I can figure out what colours to paint the belt and the shoes.

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