Monday, 25 November 2013

Horisont V: Impressions, Part 2

One thing I missed - just like at Horisont III - was a time table showing when games were presented, and, likewise, showing the opening hours of the traders' stands.

That aside, I really enjoyed the weekend, and I'll certainly be back!

More pics:

Hygge Island (SBH) of and with Vikotnik

The Infinity table. I missed the action...

I can almost taste it... almost.

Kingdom of Heaven

Templars in a tight spot...

Jens from Pardulon with a selection of his fine pieces

This is one heck of a terrain piece!

It deserves a pic without flash, too...

Pulp Alley by Dr the Viking

And a table for bring and battle with W40K Chaos warbands... I don't know if it got played at all, but it looked nice.

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