Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Spray Priming Miniatures During Winter?

I think I've laid a golden egg... well, maybe, if this contraption works as intended.

Constructed out of 16 mm chipboard, angle brackets, screws, wooden lists, and some wood glue to support an old kitchen ventilator (I don't know the exact English term for it, but it's the kind sitting above the stove, sucking out the steam from cooking) I had kept for just this purpose, when we got a new one a couple of years ago.

It took me ages to clean the grease from the ventilator, but now it's ready for use. You see it here on top of my elevated gaming table, btw - another home-build construction for my hobby.

 I just need to get one of those flexible tubes to attach here at the top, so I can lead the fumes out of a window while spray priming. I really hope this works as planned, as it will allow me to start new paintjobs unhindred by cold weather.

Here you can spot the lists supporting the ventilator.

I glued them in place, then fastened them with a lot of brass screws.

You can also spot that I'm not very accurate with a power jigsaw; I couldn't see the lines I drew without my glasses, and they clouded with moisture because of the dust mask I was wearing.

It sucks getting older and losing one's full eyesight, I tell ya'!

Well, it won't matter when spraying, I guess...

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