Sunday, 24 November 2013

Star Wars: X-Wing: Quick Start Rules AAR, Episode III

My laptop had its power cord bitten by our still rather young dog, Molly, and as all the pics of this game is only stored on... my laptop... I had to get a new power cord, before I could continue this AAR.

I have now stored the pics in my DropBox so I shall be able to access them from all my units.

But, let's get to the business:


The AP makes a Bank Left 2, closely tailing the X-Wing.
The Rookie Pilot opts for full thrust, trying to evade the two Ties on his tail, while the Obsidian Squadron Pilot also makes a Bank Left 2 and keeps the X-Wing in his visors.

The OSP opens fire at Range 2.
The result is 1 Hit, 1 Critical, and the RP rolls 1 Blank, 1 Evade.

Only one hit is cancelled out.

The X-Wing takes another point of damage, and things start to look bleak for the rebel pilot.



Both Ties make another Bank Left 2, while the Rookie Pilot makes a Koiogran Turn at Speed 4 to be able to return fire.

The antagonists exchange some shots at Range 3.

No damage is done.


All combatants advance slowly while exchanging shots.

 The OSP's Hit is cancelled out.
 The Rookie Pilot has no luck, either.
 And the Academy Pilot also tries...

... to no avail...


The Academy Pilot loses his nerve and makes a Turn Right 1, while both the Rookie Pilot and the Obsidian Squadron Pilot makes Koiogran Turns, at Speeds 4 and 3 respectively.
 I keep rolling lousy results on the dice...



The AP makes a Koiogran Turn at Speed 3, while the X-Wing makes a Bank Right 1 to fllow it.

The OSP flies casual with Speed 2 and opens fire.

WHAT THE...?! 1 Hit is not cancelled out!!!

The X-Wing takes another hit. Might be time to bail out...?

The Rookie Pilot shakes off the hit and lets the Academy Pilot have it...

 ... and actually scores an uncancelled hit!!!

Boom! - But with the current rate of success, it will take a lot of firing to eliminate a Tie...

The Ac ademyPilot also shoots....

...but, alas, no luck...


The Academy Pilot advances with Speed 2, and the X-Wing makes a Bank Right 1, but would overlap, and must be placed touching the Tie of the AP.

The Obsidian Sq. Pilot makes a Turn Left 1, which places him just behind the Rebel, in a very advantageous position for firing.

And rightly so!

The X-Wing is blown to pieces, and the game ends with an Imperial victory.


This game was full of ridiculously bad rolls with the Attack Dice, and a lot of lucky rolls with the Defense Dice.

This resulted in a much longer game than normally, when using the Quick-Start Rules, but at least it also allowed for the introduction of almost every trick in the book. Only thing that bugs me is, I should have made this AAR using the full rules instead, but, well, lesson learned.

Soonish I shall make a report of a game of Star Trek: Attack Wing, which uses the same game engine as X-Wing, but this time I shall use the full rules instead, to give a better introduction to the game.

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