Sunday, 10 November 2013

PSZ: Another Survivor

I finished this Movember bugger yesterday:

Some might say that I should paint them more gritty, dirty, and bloodied, but I like to paint my minis neat.

That way I can also use them for other purposed than just zombie games.

This was my second red tryout. It consists of old GW Red Gore, GW Wasdakka Red, Wasdakka Red with some white, and Wasdakka Red with even more white.

It gives a slightly desaturated/bleached/worn look, which can be very useful. An even more bleached look can, of course, be obtained by starting with Wasdakka and adding further layers with more white mixed in.

I'lla paint another of these spearmen this coming week, trying yet another combo of reds; I'm trying to fin a method for a good, saturated red that does not go orangeish or pinkish, because i intend to paint up a Forgefather team for DredBall (somewhen... I have to assemble my guts for cleaning them up, first...), and I haven't quite struck home, yet.

Somehow, I had gotten his right side contaminated with a touch of Bestial Brown, and I had to redo some of the white this morning, but as it turned out even better than the first time around, it was really worth it. I almost wet-blended some of it, working with white and a very pale grey at the same time, mixing some of it on the mini.

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