Tuesday 6 September 2016

Still Toiling in the Garden...

After a rather wet weekend, We have nice warm and dry weather this week, and the big garden project continues (causing further neglect of my wargaming hobby)

Yesterday, with some help from a senior neighbor who has always got the right tools for the job, in this case a hand winch, I managed to get the large evergreen bush near the newly cleared and edged corner out of the ground.

Earlier yesterday, I almost completed the rose bed edge - but I ran out of cobbles just short of the back corner, and that simply will no do - so I have ordered another ton of cobblestones, and am now planning to do the entire edge along the hedge (which is also why the bush had to go now).

Today, I put a lot of soil into the ditch vacated by the bush. Tomorrow I am going to put an extension on the string I use for marking straight edges, and start removing turf from the hedge edge.

I also dug up some rhubarb that needs to be moved to the vegetable garden. This little spot was our strawberry 'field', and I am going to add some top soil to make it level with the lawn, before we plant a lot of new strawberry cuttings there.

In order to get to the rhubarb, I had to cut back some branches on the blackberry bush to the left, and of course I first picked them clean of ripe fruit, which went into a jar with a bottle of vodka, as I really like blackberry 'schnaps'.

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