Friday, 2 September 2016

Double Cobble, Toil and Trouble...

Well, not so much trouble, really, as the project progresses at a steady pace.

Today, instead of walking the eight clicks I normally do for exercise, I opted to pull out my old bicycle and bike the distance instead, in order to save some time for working in the garden (I started my five-day work cycle yesterday, and have to sleep during the day).

I also tinkered a bit with my other old bicycle, which is a slightly more sporty model, to get it ready for tomorrow, as the gears on the other one needs some repair (if possible - I am going to have a bicycle mechanic assess the damage one of the next days).

I managed to finish the trench for the cobblestones on the right side of the terrace, and I also got the tile sand poured in, so most of the edge now only needs the actual cobbles.

I still need to do the curve and short left side, but that is a minor task, compared to the right curve and long right edge.

Tomorrow, I shall probably not be able to get anything done, as I have to go get some second hand plastic skellies for my God of Battles Lords of Undeath army, and we also have to drop off Lea at Glavendrup Viking Market, as she has been invited to attend as part of a re-enactor family (the father of one of her classmates is a big shot in the Danish Viking community).

Along some of the right terrace edge were some slate (I think) kerbs, four in all - I had moved two before taking this photo - that I intend to use in front of the woodshed, where we have some half-finished flowerbeds. Nice to finally have a good reason to dig them up and put them to better use!

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