Monday 12 September 2016

Building Zulus

It is too hot, today, and I opted to stay inside the house and do a little hobby-work, instead of knocking cobblestones into the ground outside.

Apart from doing some repairs, I continued work on the first Married Zulu sprue:

And when the post(wo)man arrived, I got my first box of Unmarried Zulus with my Wayland order:

As the box contains a metal Induna (although a bit diminutive), I can now make a full Impi for In Her Majesty's Name without making further purchases (although I would prefer having an Inyanga right away, but he can be added later).

I think I am going to mix and match parts from married and Unmarried sprues to have a wider range of variation (and to heck with historical accuracy - some of my Unmarried Zulus will be in full regalia, anyway, so...).

Now, I have to get outside and continue working on my cobblestone lawn edges. I expect to finish building the last two Married Zulus from the first sprue tomorrow, and then get some filler on the bases, so they are ready for spray primer.

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