Tuesday 13 September 2016

USUTHU! First Sprue Completed

VERY hot today, and I spent some hours inside, away from the sun, working on several hobby projects.

First, I completed building the second pair of unmarried Zulus, and I shall put filler on the bases first thing tomorrow (I have not gotten my act together and made some gloop for basing, yet).

I had to use a shield from an unmarried sprue, as the married sprue contains only three arms with the large isihlangu shields (there is an extra one on the sprue, but no left arm to  hold it, go figure!).


  1. I am using the spare shields for casualty markers...

    1. Yeah, that has crossed my mind as well; I then only have to play a system that does not use casualty removal (could also be used as fatigue markers or something else, though).