Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Second Hand Lurtz Rebased

A long time ago, I got this Lurtz as part of a second hand batch, and he has been sitting on my newly re-instituted prepping station ever since.

Now, I have re-based him onto a washer, and I plan to give him a coat of matt varnish when I have finished his base, and then he can be enrolled in my Blood Eagle Uruk-Hai warband (and my Isengard God of Battles Orc army).

The paintjob is not fantastic, but it will do for tabletop standard, until I can paint up my own NIB version of this sculpt (I am pretty sure, I also have the sculpt of him shooting his bow (at Boromir), and I may want to get that one coloured in, first).

This was the last hobby-related task I managed to get done today - I plan to do some repair and/or re-basing on one mini each day, so that I can get some of the clutter away from my prepping station little by little, without just hiding it away in some box.

Lurtz will get some filler on the base tomorrow along with the four Zulu warriors I have assembled over the last couple of days.


  1. Good to hear that an old mini is finally going to get some use :-) .

    1. No-brainer, really, I just never got around to doing anything about him, until I re-commissioned my elevated prepping station which had been sitting idle on the central table in our office/study/hobby room for more than a year. Now I have painting and prepping station just about 70 cm apart, and I can just turn my chair to switch between the two!