Saturday, 10 September 2016

USUTHU!: Rorke's Drift and British Starter Army

As hinted elsewhere, I had found a really sweet second hand deal for my long overdue Zulu War project, and I picked up the stuff today!

First, the buildings form the Rorke's Drift set:

Then the walls and barricades, plus some mounted police and carabiniers:

Already assembled British plastic, and some Gatling Gun thingy - and perhaps a set of metal infantry...

British infantry removed from sprues, and some natal Native Contingent sprues (four, I think):

And, finally, 10 sprues of Married Zulu warriors - I can now start making an Impi for In Her Majesty's Name, although I shall need a command group set with Induna and Inyanga - but at least I can get some grunts ready for the tabletop!

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