Tuesday 13 September 2016

Perry Agincourt French -> Dol Amroth Men-at-Arms

In my second hobby session today, I cleaned up these four Perry bodies. They are very good castings, and mold lines are almost non-existing, so they clean up quite quickly, and it bodes well for this project which should optimally yield four 16-man spear/pike Dol Amroth men-at-arms units for my Gondor God of Battles army.

In addition, I should be able to to construct the odd Fiefdom Warrior unit, such as Axemen of Lossarnach (with actual axes instead of the halberds carried by the 'official' GW miniatures), and maybe some Clansmen of Lamedon. I shall have to re-read the passage from Return of the King where the Fiefdom companies are seen arrive to Minas Tirith by Pippin and Bergil to see if I can proxy even more Fiefdom Warriors from this set (I may need to get some Perry English Longbowmen to represent the Bowmen of Morthond).

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