Friday, 2 September 2016

More Skeletons for my Undead Armies

These boxes contain a fairly large second hand lot of GW Tomb Kings minis that I purchased today.

They are, of course, going to be used for my Lords of Undeath God of Battles army, but as I am also planning to try out A Fantastic Saga very soon, they should also make appearances in that regard.

As I am still in my five-days work cycle, I do not have a lot of time on my hands, but if it rains tomorrow afternoon (and it looks like it might), I may start unboxing and sorting the minis, so I can figure out which ones can be pressed into immediate service, and which ones I just need to give a touch-up first. Of course, eventually, they will all have to be re-based onto washers, but I think I shall get some games played with the usable ones as soon as possible, too keep my attention pointed at them.

Next weekend, I am going to pick op a HUGE lot of second hand Warlord Zulu War stuff that am going to purchase at well below half price - I really got an offer I could not refuse - and that purchase may kick off my Usuthu! project and have me paint up a Zulu Impi for In Her Majesty's Name (at which point I am also going to need some antagonists for them).

All these plans are, of course, subject to delays by to the ongoing garden lawn edge project, which have to take precedence until autumn sets in for good...

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