Sunday, 5 June 2016

Some Days, Life is Tough...

...but yesterday was not that day.

In the afternoon, my wife and kids decided to drive to the beach (in Svendborg), so I got out one of our camping sun loungers, found a shady spot, picked up a discounted frame of beers from the local SuperBrugsen, and was all set to enjoy the Celsius 28 degrees temperature.

And waht a summer's day!

Hardly a cloud in sight, and the sky as blue as the Mediteranean Sea.

As you can see, my lawn is suffering from the heat and draught, but it only means that I don not have to mow it as often, and that some of the moss will wither away.

I do have garden stuff I need to do, but there is no need for being hasty when the Danish summer shows itself from its best side!

Molly also found a shady spot

After returning from the beach, the kids fetched the garden furniture from the shed, and we were all set to enjoy a barbeque.

I took a test photo, and, somehow, Lea managed to get in it. My camra did not like the sunlight reflecting from the brick wall.

I forgot the the camera resets everytime I turn it off, thus I did not get back to the table for this photo.

And, finally, the entire family ejoying a barbeque supper. I think Anna just spotted Molly...

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