Saturday, 18 June 2016

High Elf Griffon Rider: Lance Repaired

It took me a bit longer than anticipated to get the broken lance mended; it proved a bit too heavy for staying in place while the polystyrene cement settled, so I gave up on that approach, and pinned it in place instead.

To do that, I had to find my pin vice drill, which had not been in use for almost a year, and thus had time to make itself scarce (the small glass I store it in had been slowly pushed in behind my painting desk arrangement), and I managed to get a piece of graphite from a refillable pencil stuffed under my thumb nail in the process...

It is now as ready as it will get for tomorrow's game(s?) of Dragon Rampant. At some point I shall have to fix a flying stand for it, but for now it will just have to be placed directly on the table.

The other Griffon Rider from the recently purchased painted batch is missing his lance, and I think I am going to put a wire lance in his hand and make him an army standard, probably out of paper, as it is a method I have a bit of experience with.

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