Friday, 3 June 2016

Horisont VII 2015 - Day 2 (Saturday)

Saturday morning I was feeling a bit groggy after have slept very badly (I think I had a slight fever).

But upon getting out of the sleeping bag, and down from the self-inflating air mattress, I set about inspecting the state of the war room.

A huge Black Powder Napoleonics table was being prepared. Janner of the LAF had a major share in it.

Then i got caught up in a game of 'It Is Warm Work' against our German friend Vikotnik (of LAF fame). I commanded the French and gave the British a good beating.

The ships are scratch-built out of carboard, barbeque-sticks, etc., by Claus, the host of the game.

It Is Warm Work is fast-paced, and fun, and still retains a lot of realism in the way ships manouever and fight, and I heartily recommend it!

After ruling the waves, I returned to find the Black Powder game well underways. I still think, though, that it suffers a bit from the same 'long game time - little actual action' syndrome that always put me off Warhammer and W40K - but every man his cake, as they say.

I think this table was some kind of Oldhammer-scenario.

Another Lion Rampant game. Medieval this time.

Vintage W40K (?) by Jonas

Pulp Alley (I think) retro sci-fi game by Dr. The Viking

Vikotnik's spectacular bar brawl game

And, finally, a table for some kind of Post Apocalyptic, Road warrior, Mad Max sort of thing, presented by Jens from Pardulon.


  1. Explaining the rules to the participants did slow the Black Powder games down a bit, but we still managed to crack two, corps v corps levels games into an afternoon! It's even faster with experienced players - well until they become distracted by a discussion on correct lace or the number of buttons on a particular tunic ;-)

    1. Well, yeah, as they are based in a matter on the Warmaster mechanics (or so I've been told), they should play somewhat faster. The activation rolls, though, seem to sometimes be more of a burden than a nice friction-of-war feature. I must admit that, although Naps are my first and longest wargaming love, I did not linger at the table long enough to actually pick up the game. I don't think I would ever paint a 28mm army for massed battles, anyway, preferring smaller scales for this kind of encounter.