Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Blood Eagle: Last Gripping Beast Civilians

I did not paint anything today, because my stupid dog toppled an empty wine bottle in the conservatory, sending glass splinters all over the tiled floor - making me decide that it was time to get the rest of the bottles out of the way, which means removing the front and back labels and get them sorted after type and colour, before stowing them away in fruit cases in the far corner of the garage.

In between, while waiting for the bottles to reach the right temperature in the hot water, I worked on my Gripping Beast Dark Ages civilians, as I wanted to keep focussed on the Blood Eagle project.

All the four male peasants/shepherds have open hands in which to place some appropriate tool. I think the guy in the back with the outstretched arm (who is probably the farm owner) is going to be stabbing with a pitchfork, and the rest of them probably just holding staves,

Below are all the Gripping Beast civilians I own, and have prepped. As mentioned, I still have to put tools in the hands of the males, but we shall see about that tomorrow...

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