Monday, 13 June 2016

A Gathering of.. Snails...?

As I was taking a stroll in our back yard this evening, I noticed a lot of white/grey dots in the somewhat dry grass.

Upon further inspection it turned out to be a lot of large snails (escargots), which seem to thrive in spite of the draught we have had the last couple of weeks.

I told my family, and Anna promptly went out to see for herself, and I brought the camera to get a few shots of this abundance of wildlife.

My early use of snail poison (ferromol) seems to have worked a treat on the 'killer slugs' (Iberian Forest Slug), as I could not spot a single one today. It may also mean that there is more food for the snails, allowing them to multiply, which is a good thing in my book!

Anna insisted om having her picture taken with these two little beauties.

This is one of the great things about having a large garden with different kinds of 'terrain' - always little things to experiance/explore in the different corners of the outdoors.

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