Friday, 3 June 2016

My First Painted Pirate!

I missed the latest Painting Club at the LAF - the Weird War version - as I lost every trace of inspiration after base-coating a mini.

This time though, I got a mini in as #64 in The Pikes, Muskets, and Flouncy Shirts Painting Club

My entry is this Artizan Designs buccaneer miniature, which, in this incarnation, I have named Benn Etton.

I started painting Tuesday, and only finished him this morning - he actually has a lot of details that need attention.

I am OK pleased with the outcome, and thrilled to be getting back into the habit of painting.

I shall be spending some hobby-time on dressing some of the Uruk-Hai and Rohan/Saxon bases, but in between I shall start painting the next Viking for my 'purist' Blood Eagle warband.

Primer: Black


  • I think it is C Graveyard Earth mixed with successively more C Bleached Bone, but the pots are from before I started logging my own mixes.

Hat Band, Coat Lining and Facings. Garters:

  1. V Black Red + Black
  2. C Khorne Red + V Black Red
  3. C Mephiston Red

Neck Cloth:

  1. Light grey
  2. Very light grey
  3. White


  • The darker end of my usual recipe, starting with a mix of C Dwarf Flesh and C Bestial Brown


  1. C Graveyard Earth +++Black
  2. C Graveyard Earth ++Black
  3. C Graveyard Earth +Black


  1. C Orkhide Shade + Black
  2. C Orkhide Shade
  3. C Orkhide Shade + C Knarloc Green
  4. C Knarloc Green

Flouncy Shirt:

  1. V Khaki Brown
  2. C Ushabti Bone
  3. C Ushabti Bone + White
  4. C Ushabti Bone ++ White


  1. V Beasty Brown
  2. C Vermin Brown
  3. C Vermin Brown + C Vomit Brown
  4. C Vomit Brown

Sword Sheath:

  1. C Scorched Brown
  2. C Scorched Brown + V Beasty Brown
  3. V Beasty Brown

White Metal:

  1. C Boltgun Metal
  2. C Chainmail
  3. C Mithril Silver

Yellow Metal:

  1. V Polished Gold+ Black
  2. V Polished Gold
  3. V Polished Gold + C Mithril Silver


  1. C Scorched Brown
  2. C Scorched Brown + C Codex Grey
  3. C Scorched Brown ++ C Codex Grey

Boots and Pistol Handle:

  • F Musket Stock Brown Triad (actually Quartet, as I have mixed a pot of some medium and light tone)

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