Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A Long Time Ago in a Village Far Away...

...when I had most of my gaming stuff stoved away for moving to our current abode, I started a half-hearted Kings of War project with my Warhammer 3rd Edition High Elves.

Needless to say, the project stalled during the moving process, and I haven't really touched the High Elves since then.

This is how far I got back then:

A couple of days ago, some fellow had a couple of plastic High Elves for sale, and I decided to jump in and get them, as I then have enough for a small army (and I have always liked the look of the GW Elves), which, of course, will start out with first a Blood Eagle warband, then expand into an OGAM warband, etc., etc....

The expansion of my High Elf collection arrived in the mail today.

I look forward to getting time to do something with them - I already have some ideas for their Blood Eagle profiles - but I must stay focussed on my Dark Ages project in order to get a good scenario covered for the Blood Eagle table at Attic Attack!

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