Tuesday, 14 June 2016

High Elf Warband Arrived!

I purchased these second hand last week, and they arrived with the mailman this morning.

There is a few repairs to do, and I shall have to paint the still only primed Ellyrian Reaver, and find one more somewhere to have two units for Dragon Rampant.

One of the Griffon Riders is also missing his lance, but a wire spear/pike and a paper banner will mend that somewhen in the future.

Roll call so far:

High Elf Knight on Griffon: Elite Rider Reduced Unit, 6 pts, Flying, 2 pts, 8 pts. (1 model)

Ellyrian Reavers: Heavy Riders w/Mounted Missiles, 5 pts (6 models)

Swordmasters of Hoeth: Bellicose Foot w/Terrifically Shiny Armour, 6 pts. (12 models)

Lothern sea Guard: Elite Foot w/Missiles, 8 pts. (6 models)

Total: 27 pts.

I now just need to make a same-size warband out of some of my recently purchased Lizardmen, and we are good to go!!

I can also double this force any time by forming the Swordmasters into two Reduced Units, getting one more Reaver and paint those two missing ones!

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