Thursday, 30 June 2016

Board Game: Merchants & Marauders

I purchased a couple of board games from Hyggeonkel the night before yesterday, and they arrived with the postal service while I was sleeping today - and luckily, my youngest daughter, Lea, heard the doorbell.

I have not had time to read through the rules, yet, but the game looks very good. Both plastic and cardboard components seem good quality, and this Danish Design game comes with zip-lock bags for all the small components - a first for me with this kind of game!

I am looking forward to try my luck as a daring privateer on the Spanish Main!


  1. Hmm, most daring privateers found themselves quickly starving, disease-ridden and hanged. I wouldn't wish the same fate for you!

    1. You actually have the option of trading instead of plundering, but I suspect the latter leads to more 'Glory' which is the main objective of the game.