Friday 24 June 2016

Rebel Alliance Reinforcements

While visiting Dragons Lair (the only dedicated Games Store on Funen, as far as I know) earlier today to get some paints, I stumbled over a Star Wars Armada Rebel Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack, and I followed an impulse to purchase it.

It contains two each of A-Wing, B-Wing, X-Wing, and Y-Wing squadrons/stands.

Each type of fighter has one 'Named Character': Wedge Antilles (X-Wing), "Dutch" Vander (Y-Wing), Keyan Farlander ((B-Wing), and Tycho Celchu (A-Wing).

All the fighter types of course are different; the X-Wing clearly pack the most punch, but the diminutive A-Wing has the interesting 'Counter' rule, which allows it to return fire when attacked by a fighter squadron - even if  it is destroyed by the attack! Nasty little hornets!

I need to get some games played to get the hang of the different potentials, but I have a feeling that I am going to want to add more fighters to the Rebel forces, as I think the picture of small Rebel vessels escorted by swarms of fighters squaring off against Imperial Star Destroyers sending out wave after wave of TIE-Fighters is iconic to the Star Wars universe!

I do, however, wish that Flying Fantasy Games would sell the fighters in single-type packs instead of these mixed sets (the Imperial Fighter Squadrons Expansion Pack contains four types of TIE) with limited numbers of each type, but, sadly, it is probably not going to happen.

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