Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Blood Eagle: More Civilians

Painting Thorstein is painstakingly slow, probably mainly because I am still not very motivated for painting (I really need to play some games to spark my enthusiasm).

In the meantime, I turn my attention to other sub-projects in between, trying to keep some focus on the Dark Ages, and the Blood Eagle project in particular.

Got the last women and children cleaned up and glued on washers this afternoon/evening.

Next up will be the male peasants/shepherds, and then the Manx Loaghtan sheep I purchased at the same occation.


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    1. Again, I accidentally removed a comment (that's the second time, now :o( ). Sorry, didn't mean to, but I cannot find a way to undelete.
      Colgar6 asked about the minis in this post:
      They are from Gripping Beast, part of 2 different packs from their Dark Ages line - one with 5 women, one with 4 children.