Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Blood Eagle Vikings: 'Group' Shot so Far

Lacking anything else to post, I made a photo of the two painted Viking raiders so far finished (I think I shall have a third one ready tomorrow).

I like the way this is going, but I am a bit miffed because of the very slow speed the project is unfolding at.

I am focussing on getting some Vikings painted at the moment, which means that the Uruk-Hai and the Rohan warriors have not had their bases finished, yet, but that is secondary to getting Sigurdr's warband on the table. I really hope to be able to finish painting this batch of Vikings before our summer holidays, but that will still mean that - apart from Åcon in about 10 days from now - I shall not have played a single game for over 8 months, which is far too long, given the amount of time and money I spend on the hobby.

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