Saturday 11 June 2016

I've Been Footballed

The UEFA European Championship commenced yesterday, and during my work periods, for the next three weeks, I am not going to accomplish much else than watching the games on TV.

The first game is on at 15.00, just after I get up, ends shortly before 17.00 when I have to start preparing supper, the next starts at 18.00, and I can walk the dog in the pause about 18.45 to 19.00.

At about 19.45 I then read to Lea (we are half through The Two Towers right now), and then I have about 45 minutes to watch news, check updates, etc.

The last game(s) each day are on at 21.00, and I have to drive to work midways through the second half (which is fairly annoying, but you cannot have it all).

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I am not at work, so I shall get some painting done. but then I am at work Wednesday night and Thursday night, before having another 5 days off.

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