Tuesday, 7 June 2016

More Lizardmen for God of Battles (and Other Purposes)

About a week ago, I was lucky to find a not-too-expensive offer on some Lizardmen to complement my previous purchase.

Some Cold One Riders, more Saurusses and Skinks, and - more important -a bunch of metal Temple Guards.

Also a hero on a Giant Cold One, and another Slann.

I shall start constucting a Blood Gorged army for God of Battles out of my Lizardmen very soon, as I like the feel of that army list very much!

For Attic Attack. I expect to have a God of Battles table with the Lizardmen facing my undead, a Blood Eagle table, a SAGA (LotR) table, and a Star Wars Armada table, leaving two tables for participants to populate, for painting, or just for socializing.

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