Saturday, 2 May 2015

GoB Viking Army (Blood Gorged Proxies) WIP 4.

Following another game of GoB between my Lords of Undeath, and Ulolkish/Duregar's Dwarves (which will be reported in detail), I decided to re-prioritize the sequence of units I am going to prepare for the Viking army.

Thus, I spent most of Friday assembling and basing Gripping Beast Dark Age Wariors (with a few bits from the Viking Hirdmen set thrown in), to make 2 units of 10 warriors each.

They are going to count as Blood Gorged Brutes in the GoB army, and can be used as 2 points of Warriors in SAGA (leaving 4 for ½ point to be easily supplemented to full srength).

I plan om using them as Allies for my Lords of Undeath (forming 1/3 of 36 points); that way I can expand my Undead Command and Support section, while at the same time get my Viking army started.

Picture is a bit blurred, due to inadequate lighting, and I managed to cut out two warriors from the front unit, but as they are in a state of partial assembly, anyway, it is no big loss.

I am at work (night watch) right now, and shall probably sleep most of Saturday, so I do not expect to finish assembling the last 8-9 minis tomorrow. Sunday we are off to Copenhagen, where Anna is participating in a Music School concert in Tivoli, playing the trumpet, and I have to work the night between Sunday and Monday, and this may further delay finishing the second unit.

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