Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Trip to Jelling (2015-04-26).

Climbing the Southern Barrow
About a monh ago, I won a double-sided woollen cloak fairly cheaply on a Facebook-auction, and I decided to combine the pick-up with a trip to 'Denmark's Birth-Certificates', the runestones in Jelling.

My kids had not been to Jelling before, and it was a good opportunity to give them some cultural and historical fodder.

Anna had her knee-cap slip (heredital problem) some days before, and thus was using crotches.

After visiting the site, we had 'nordic' lunch at Café Sejd (

View from the Top. A 'confirmation' had just been taking place in the church.

The stones of Gorm (left), and Harald Bluetooth (right)

Climbing the Northern Barrow (at the other side of the church)

The Church Choir with Altar and Communion-bench


  1. Sorry to hear about the family knee-cap problem :-( .

    My experience is that trying to indoctrinate my children with cultural and historical "fodder" hasn't always worked very well!

    1. My children and I are very much 'living' history, also going to re-enactment events/fairs in full historical costumes, so visiting sites with historical significance actually means something to them. It also helps to combine with gaming, films, and books with corresponding contents ;o)