Thursday, 30 April 2015

Judge Dredd Miniatures Game - Intro Scenario - 'Barko Brothers', Take Two.

Right after the first game, Duregar/Ulolkish and I switched roles and played the scenario again.

Exploiting the set-up rules to the utmost, I deployed the Judge close to one of the Barkos.

As the Judge has the first turn, I could make an attempt at neutralizing the perp before he could retaliate, and I succeeded in arresting him with the Judge's first action.

With the second action, I moved the Judge to make use of the cover provided by one of the ruined buildings.

Rex Barko felt an urge to find a better position to oversee the open areas among the industrial buildings.

As the Law closed in on Rex, he retreated to catch up with one of his brothers.

Two of the perps took refuge on a rooftop, as Judge Mix used the ruined library for taking up a central position-

Rex Barko tokk a shot at Mix, but sorely regretted it seconds later.

Having neutralized half the opposition, and located the remaining two Barkos, Mix advanced in cover of the central ruin...

...and quickly got in a firefight with the perps, which spelled doom for the Barkos.

Conclusion on the two games:

Cover is King, and when taking this into consideration, a Street Judge with standard issue equipment is a regular power house, compared to a handful of Street Punks.

I still very much like the system, which is probably only getting better with the addition of the Advanced Rules.

I am going to use an old Necromunda Van Saar gang to create one Street Gang, and a bunch of female Foundry Street Violence minis for another, and I also have a painted GoMC1 Ape Gang purchased several years ago, all of which I just need to somehow magnetize and fill out rosters for.


  1. Great to see Judge Mix has recovered from his previous wounds, Argonor... and a terrific second BatRep. Very enjoyable indeed. Looking forward to seeing those apes and street gangs :-)

    1. I am working hard to get some Dark Age Warriors assembled and based for a Viking army for SAGA and GoB, but as soon as they can be moved to the painting table, I'll start doing the necessary base-jobs on the minis selected for the gangs!