Thursday, 14 May 2015

More Work Done in the Garden,

The last part of the rose bed I started creating last autumn was prepared yesterday, and my wife moved a lot of the remaining roses from the other part of the garden to it today.

Also, in the middle of the lawn where our flagpole used to sit (it broke in a storm a couple of years ago), I created another bed for roses. The big, square concrete block in the ground is still there; we shall need a powered breaker hammer to remove that, but roses could be planted around it.

Combined with some lawn-mowing, this work took me most of the afternoon (I slept to about 11 a.m.), so I did not get to do much work on my hobby projects, but as has been reported in another post, I did manage to assemble a couple of Xenomorphs for my 15mm GoB T'lekkan proxy army.

The girls played croquet in the background, and later almost killed each other over it.

Took some yelling and reprimanding to restore peace, but now at least Lea is sleeping tightly (Anna is probably devouring another book, although it is long past her sleeping time).


  1. I've heard that croquet can be a vicious game! After all, that's why it's played with mallets, right :-( ?

    1. Yeah,, the problem seems to be that Lea was losing, and Anna teasing her about being a sore loser, and then all hell broke loose.

    2. That sounds very familiar!