Monday, 18 May 2015

Trip to Tivoli (2015-05-03)

The past year, Anna and her classmates have been taught to play brass instruments (Anna trumpet) as part of a co-op project between the municipal music school and her school, and as a final hightlight, they were going to Tivoli in Copenhagen to play a small concert there at the 'Music School Days'.

Two happy girls in a bus.
Siblings could ride the bus for free and get free entrance to Tivoli, so Lea tagged along, and I took Saturday night off to be able to partake in the trip with my wife.

Happiness is wearing daddy's hat.
I did not get any pics of the actual concert, as I forgot my beloved camera in the bus when we arrived. Luckily the instruments had to be deposited in the bus after the concert, so I could get it out. Not that I took a lot of pictures, but just a few to remember the atmosphere by.

Chocolate Turtle Bar (and soda) from a motorway kiosk

A view of Copenhagen's Town Hall from inside Tivoli

Clear blue skies over Chinatown

Entrance to the 'Daemon' (kind of rollercoaster)

Interesting place? I did not have an icecream.

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