Saturday 9 May 2015

The Attic Gets Cosier!

The first leather armchair for the Cosy Corner in Argonor's Attic has been acquired!

I also have an appointment to pick up another tomorrow.

They have cost me DKK 50,- each (plus a bit of petrol/gasoline), so all in all a bargain for a couple of comfy chairs for patrons to sit and read rules, sip cold drinks, or having a cup of coffee/tea.

I do not expect to organize Attic Attack III until after the summer holidays, as my vacation is very early this year, and I need to prepare a lot of things for a camping trip to Northern Italy.


  1. Now that does look nice :-) !

    1. Yup, can't wait to get the 'cosy corner' sorted out and sit there with a couple of friends after a good day's gaming!