Monday 25 May 2015

JDMG: Street Rumble (2015-05-12)

After having played the introductory scenario twice, it was time to try out a full-scale fight between two street gangs.

I dug out some old models, and sat down to create a couple of gangs, and then I just had to find some modern stuff to populate the table for when Ulolkish came around to play a game.

As we played the 'Street Rumble' (not really that many scenarios to choose from in my old free version of the game), objectives were simple: Exterminate the opposistion.

I played the slightly smaller, slightly better armoured gang made up of old Necromunda Van Saar gangers, while Ulolkish took control of some Foundry Street Violence female minis (previously named 'Trixie's Midnight Runners' for a game of Flying Lead).

As it turned out, the rules somewhat favour setting your minis up in firing cover, as the two-actions-per-activation then mean you get to fire twice at visible targets, whereas moving minis will have only one shot (or none, if they use both actions for moving), and that - in cooperation with some insane rolls on Ulolkish' behalf - was instrumental in the complete annihilation of the Van Saars.

I tried maneuvering my gangers around the 'Runners', whereas Ulolkish took up firing positions, and very early in the game took out my sole rifle-armed Punk (who was the only guy who managed to take down an opponent), which left me outnumbered and outgunned for the rest of the fight.

I might have fared better, had I from that point concentrated on bringing as many guns as possible to bear on one target ar a time, but after my two wins in the intro scenario I was a bit over-confident and just kept to my initial plan of circling the opposition.

For future games, though, I shall propose some house rules regarding shooting and movement:

1: Moving and Shooting
It should be possible to combine a move action with shooting; with a -1 modifier if moving/shooting without having moved first, -2 if moving/shooting after already having moved this activation.

2: Moving Target
It should be more difficult to hit a moving opponent than one standing still. Thus, each Move and/or Move/Shoot action during an activation should give a model a +1 Agility modifier for rolling to avoid being hit (thus, up to a maximum of +2 per Phase). This modifier is immediately lost when the model is activated in its next phase.

This should reward cinematic play style, and make it just a tiny bit more likely that some models end up in close quarter fighting.

Next time we play, it will be in Argonor's Attic, and I hope to pursuade Ulolkish to try out my suggestions.

Meanwhile I have been constructing a large Isengard army for GoB out of already painted minis, so I am going to try to get a game or two going soon, as I have the whole week off, and it would be a terrible waste of leisure time, not to push some minis over a table!

Below, you can almost track the development of the game, and I shall not use many more words to describe gthe fight, as it turned into a very one-sided affair.

When rolling for injuries, though, all my gang members came out without a scratch, so apart from not earning a whole lot of Credits from this game, the gand is as good as new, and I can spend the earnings on some needed changes in equipment!

My leader just could not get behind those girlies,

No matter where he ran, guns were pointing his way.

Fnal showdown of my leader.

Last Man Standing, the sole surviving Juve heroically tries to gun down Trixie,
but fails, and bites the dust (or concrete)

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