Saturday, 2 May 2015

GoB Game: Dwarves vs Undead, Take Two.

Just after the two games of JDMG, we rigged a table for GoB (yes, we actually managed 3 games in one afternoon!), and threw our armies into the fray.

The Dwarves again were the most aggressive party, and I could set up most of my shambling hordes after the enemy deployed.

As much of my army moves pretty fast, I was confident that I could play a 'refused flank', and pillage the enemy Baggage Train, long before the vertically challenged could reach my side of the board. 

Up until now, my 'main battle line' (consisting of just my Skeleton Warriors and a Chariot - 24 points 'skirmishes' do not lend themselves well to battle tactics) had only advanced a few paces, but as a block of Dwarves moved forward, I countered them with a charge of the Chariot.

All of a sudden, the remaining Dwarven host surged forward, threatening to engulf the chariot.

The Undead Knights charged in, while the second Chariot continued circling  the flank, and the Ghouls closed in on the Baggage Train.

As usual, when the forces meet, all hell broke loose.

I sorely needed one more formed unit in my battle line.

Outnumbered, I would have had to roll exceptionally well to come out on top. Neddless to say, I didn't.

First, the Chariot was destroyed...

...then, the Warriors all but wiped out...

...and the Knights decimated.

At this point, the battle was all but lost, but the Ghouls did manage to pillage the Baggage Train...

...before the final curtain.

Conclusions after 2 battles:

The Undead suffer immensely from the Dwarves' high Morale values; the Undead are 'Scary', which should make enemy units lose models when contact is made, but this rarely happens for the Dwarves, and thus the points cost for the Undead is relatively high, compared to the impact they make.

24 points really do not buy you enough units to have tactical flexibility; my battle plan worked, but it also drew at least one too many units away from the battle line, and my second chariot never got to play a part. Expensive units must get stuck in at all cost, delivering some value for money. Concentrate your attack, and do as much damage as possible - which also means that you should strive to be the one engaging, as the musician confers an extra Attack Die when doing so. and., of course, some of your units may have the 'Charge' ability.

I had one more unit than my opponent; I probably could have faced the Dwarves with 4 units and still have had my Ghouls run round the flank. This game severely punishes being outnumbered, especially when you field formed units that do not perform well against flank attacks. Big mistake on my part, but at least that is another lesson learned.

I seriously doubt, though, that it is possible to make a 24 pts Undead force that can beat the Dwarves, without the Dwarf player making blatant mistakes, and the Undead player rolling better than average on his Attack and Defense Dice. Or at least better than I do.

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