Thursday, 14 May 2015

15mm Xenomorphs/Aliens (GoB T'lekkan Proxies) WIP 2

I arrived at work late yesterday evening, just to find that I had been given last night and today off (SO stupid, we cannot acces our work schedules online!!).

So, I went home, sat down with a half bottle of mead, watched Die Hard With a Vengeance on TV, and afterwards bunked in my eldest daughter's room, as she was sleeping in my bed (Anna and Lea take turns to do so when I am working).

While I had this unexpected extra day off, the May weather showed itself from its absolutely best side today, so I spent most of the day in the garden, mowing some grass, and readying another small bed for roses in the middle of the lawn (where our flagpole used to sit - it broke in a storm a couple of years ago, and the concrete block in the ground is still there; we shall need a powered breaker hammer to remove that).

So, I did not get much hobby time, but I managed to finish assembling two of the winged Aliens.

The prone creature will need a little putty on the neck, and I am not quite sure if it is due to bad fit, or a wanting preparation job on my side; I shall pay more attention with the next one...

The bases are, by the way, 18mm steel washers I found in Bauhaus yesterday, when I went there to replenish my supply of 15mm and 20mm washers, and to buy a new splitting maul.

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