Wednesday, 27 May 2015

15mm Xenomorphs/Aliens (GoB T'lekkan Proxies) WIP 4

My Pendraken order arrived today, and I can now begin to finally plan in details what sort of unit I am going to use the different kinds as.

Although these are nominally 10mm, they are more than big enough to use as 15mm creatures, thus giving me a lot more options to choose from.

And, yes, there are both Facehuggers and Eggs!

I think I am going to use the small crouching ones as 'Drones', and as they are really small, I may put two on each 15mm washer base; they are a Formed unit, and by randomizing the way they are glued to the bases, I may be able to create a 'swarm' look to an otherwise dull square rank-and-file unit.

Well, we shall see about that.

For now, I need to concentrate on finishing a couple of older projects, so the T'lekkan list will have to rest for a week or two.

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