Sunday, 17 May 2015

15mm Xenomorphs/Aliens (GoB T'lekkan Proxies) WIP 3

I finished assembling my 'princelings' this evening. I have found that it is easier to fix the heads in place first, then adjust the wings to fit behind/under them.

Tomorrow, I shall put some greenstuff in the gaps under the heads, and them I am all set to begin painting this unit.

I am going to prime them black, then dryprush with a blue-grey, pick out details, and then use clear varnish all over the models.

I have not worked out how I am going to do the unit leader, yet; I may do one in another colour (greyscale or boney white), or maybe use another kind of model - we shall see about that when my Pendraken order arrives.


  1. They can fly?! Aren't they dangerous enough without this as well :-) ?

    They'll look really good when painted, I think.

    1. Yes, I was delighted to find that Khurasan makes some Aliens that fit the flying 'Princeling'-entry in the T'lekkan list. Combining the Khurasan range with the slightly smaller models from Pendraken, I should have enough different looking creatures the whole army. I just hope I can keep up the steam and get a full 24 points force done, before I veer off in another direction ;D