Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Making Some Arrows...

A couple of pics of Lea varnishing five arrow shaft for some home-made arrows.

The other five shafts are Anna's, and although they started working on these arrows May 1st, they have not yet finished the shafts; the arrows need to be sanded with very fine grain sand paper in between 4-5 layers of varnish, and it is difficult to find time in between homework, school choir, time with schoolmates, riding, and other leisure activities on school nights, and in the weekends we often do something away from home.

Furthermore, Lea strained her ankle in the garden trampoline last week, and has not been able to work in the workshop.

Anna, on the other hand, has carved nocks, and added the second layer of varnish to hers. We use the 'self-nock' method, to avoid glueing plastic nocks to our wooden arrow shafts


  1. Do you use goose feather fletching?

    1. For now, I just bought ready-made coloured feather fletchings that I am going to attach with the help of a modern fletching apparatus, with glue. The process of making arrows is time-consuming, even when using modern techniques and gear, and we want to be able to do some archery this side of the summer Holidays (we may even reach that goal).