Saturday 17 December 2016

Prtofessor Perrywinkle Rebased

I decided to re-base the last minis I originally painted for The Secrets of the Hidden Temple.

Back in 2014/15 I did not intend to rebase slotta minis onto washers, but I have since been swayed completely by the much better looks of minis on washer bases, and, well, consistency is also a big thing for me.

I give you this old Chaos in Cairo mini, which I named Professor Perrywinkle for my Strange Aeons Treshold team (I have forgotten his original, French name).

He is, of course, also going to appear in my Christmas Wars project - and I think I need to get some evil character models ready for that purpose, as I seem to have an overweight of good people reporting for duty, as it stands right now.

Another one of my reasons for revisiting this model is that I am planning to play some Solo Strange Aeons games, as soon as I have made a 2x3' mat out of painter felt (I saw and played on one used for Congo at Horisont VIII), as I think I need some easily transportable playing surfaces (chipboards with saand are fine for playing games at your home, not so much for bringing to other locations). The Professor is the Character/Leader of my Treshold team, which I have just been re-working to fit with the 2nd Ed. rules, so it is now quite ready for some more blood-curdling action in the Mythos universe.

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