Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Christmas Wars: Tintin and Terry WIP

I am now officially embarking on a new long-term project that I hope to have something playable ready for next December.

As mentioned in a previous post, I am painting some Christmas minis at the moment - and originally they were only intended for decoration purposes, but of course my intricate mind set about finding alternative uses.

And now I have settled on 'Christmas Wars', as a catch-all project for which I can paint whatever I fancy for fighting the good fight to save the holidays, or the sinister powers trying to ruin it.

And whom better to recruit for the forces of good that the eternal boy-scout, indomitable detective, and intrepid explorer, Tintin, and his trusty companion, Terry?

I have had this particular pack of Copplestone minis for quite a while, and this seemed like as good ans any occasion for digging it out, and get some paint slapped on this dynamic duo.

The plan is to paint one dedicated mini for this project each month, and then somehow shoehorn in a lot of the other stuff I paint (and have painted) for some games with the kids and my regular gaming buddies, come December and the holidays.

It will be 'One Game to Rule Them All', as it is 'everything goes as long as it is fun'.

I hope to add some themed minis to the collection (I have my eyes on the 'Storybook Wars' range from Victrory Force, but I need an economically viable way to get them), but my main goal is to 'activate' some of the minis I have painted for LAF Painting Clubs without any specific game in mind, and to get some of my extensive unpainted collection painted up and game with.


  1. 'Nightmare before Christmas' style. Love it, looking forward to seeing your progress

    1. I sadly have to admit that I have not yet seen that film - it is certainly on my 'to do' list, though - it may provide even more ideas for this rollercoaster ride of sheer madness through the pages of pop culture of all times!
      'Official' progress will be slow, although I expect 'de facto' progress to more or less follow my hobby endeavors, as I expect to use more or less every model I paint from now on for this setting!