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2016-12-19 GoB: Lords of Undeath vs Orc Warlords, 2nd Battle, Part 3 - Conclusion

As the following will show, I still have not quite gotten the hang of, how to use my Heavy Chariot to full effect. As it has the same arcs, and move the same way as a formed unit (but without the Area of Control, if I have understood correctly), it is a bit difficult to place it effectively to make use of its Charge ability - especially when using it in a formed battleline like I did in this game.

As it were, I opted to move it forward, to be able to threaten a wider area and/or turn it to face enemy units as necessary. Furthermore, my Skeleton Horde was almost worn down, now, and I needed the Chariot to get clear of the War Orcs, not to get charged in the flank (flanks are really the weak point of the God of battles Lords of Undeath).

There must be a reason for the next photo, altough it is hard to determine what happened since the last one. I think the Troll charged the Necromancer's unit, and was beaten back - he now has an 'activated' token.

I didn't realize ti at this point, but the Greenskins really did not have much punch left close to my units to pose a real threat. Instead, I worried about my Skeleton Horde which was now rapidly crumbling to dust.

And finally the Skeleton Horde was destroyed. It held against the War Orcs until now, because I was able to raise a few Skeletons on previous turns, and again I fell that the Necromancer means a huge difference for the Undead army - never leave the graveyard without one!

I now turned my Chariot to face the triumphant War Orcs; note, that I could not charge them, as they were outside the Forward Arc when the Chariot started moving.

Again, my Necromancer drove his Skeleton Warriors into the Troll, and again the Troll was pushed back, but at a cost!

My Ghouls attacked the War Orcs, killed a couple of Orcs, and miraculously did not lose a single model. As the War Orcs are Tenacious, though, they had to Recoil after combat.

My Undead Knights had finally built up their resolve and started a headlong charge towards the Orcs' War Machine. The Orcs fired a shot, but missed miserably.

After ransacking my Baggage Train, the rampaging War Orcs started moving towards my rear, most likely to attempt taking my Camp.

I moved my intact and enhanced Skeleton Warrior unit in to support the Ghouls, and then I do not quite remember what happened. I think that I used my Chariot to charge the reduced unit of War Orcs, annihilating it - which meant that the Greenskin horde was reduced to exactly 24 points of scoring units + Camp and Baggage, which is the break Point for a 36 points battle.

I had lost 9 points (Skeleton Horde = 5, Baggae Train = 4), and thus had 39 points left on the table!

My first victory with my Lords of Undeath, yay!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ

It feels like the Lords of Undeath benefit tremendously from strength in numbers; the more units in play, the more likely it is that enemy casualties are caused, and each time casualties are caused in Melee, there is a chance that an Undead model can be raised - giving the Necromancer the possibility to boost a unit that has lost models. This is potentially a very powerful ability - in this game a single Skeleton Horde (a rather powerless unit at 5 points) tied up one of the enemy's main fighting units for almost the entire battle, decimating it to be easily annihilated. As Undead units 'fight to the last Skeleton', not routing when reduced to 4 models like most other troop types, an Undead unit being boosted by raising new troops can become really difficult to get rid off! Of course, you have to draw cards with at least face value 5 for it to happen... ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™‰๐Ÿ™Š

This battle clearly showed that armies consisting of many Formed Units should fight in a tight 'medieval/renaissance' kind of formation, thus protecting the vulnerable flanks, and limiting the enemies' freedom to maneuver with their 'Threat Areas'.

I am now more determined than ever to make my 'Main Infantry Battleline' basic 36 points force, consisting of four Skeleton Hordes (4x5=20 points), and two units of Skeleton Warriors (2x8=16 points). I only have to rebase and partially repaint two Skeleton Hordes, and make and paint standard bearers and leaders (and possibly musicians) for them, which I intend to do just after Christmas!

My Necromancer will then probably be placed in a Chariot behind the main battleline, hopefully able to hold out on his own, should the enemy outflank or break through my formation. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

This game was a blast! The Alternate Activation structure of God of Battles keeps both players immersed in the action at all times (it actually feels like breaking the tension to stand back and take a photo), and there is hardly an idle moment from the last unit is placed on the table, to the last dice are rolled. I wrote it before, and now I write it again: I am very fond of this game!

At some point, we may begin to use the weather rules, and even further in the future maybe also the special terrain rules, but that is still blowing in the wind... ๐Ÿ˜

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